Saturday, May 23, 2009

Initial Impressions

I have a ton to say about my trip to India thus far, and have decided to try blogging a little, although I have much less internet time than I have things to say. Today is day 5, and I'm in Udaipur, but I will start the blog from day 1 and hopefully eventually catch up to the present.

The Delhi Airport was much calmer than expected. However, being very concerned about the Swine Flu, they had set up a station of persons in white coats, presumably doctors, to screen the passengers coming from the U.S. This basically involved them wearing masks and taking our special declaration form stating that we had no contact with Swine Flu cases. They did not wear gloves or wash their hands, however, and I think I was the only person who took advantage of the instant Purell at the station. Next I found that both of the ATMs in the airport were out of order (this seems to happen very frequently in India). Fortunately the prepaid cabs took credit cards, so I got my cab set up and went out to see Delhi.

Delhi Roads: The roads are very modern, well-paved with signals, medians, overpasses, lanes painted, just like a 6-8 lane highway in the US. However, imagine your local interstate as one big crowd of constantly moving large buses, cars, motorcycles with women wearing saris seated side-saddle behind their husbands and sometimes holding their babies, ox and horse-drawn carts, and pedestrians all negotiating for their space and going whichever way. These are Indian roads. Also alongside the roads you see women working in construction, wearing saris. It seems they wear these for everything, housework, hard labor, shopping. The saris it.

Next I had to get a rickshaw from Defence Colony, where Christina's key was, to Christina's apartment in GK1. This was a 10min ride, tops. Now, when we arrived, I knew I was being overcharged, but honestly I was tired and didn't care. I figured it was supposed to be 150 rupees and when I gave the guy 500 he only gave me 50 change. However, it turns out this was supposed to be a 20 rupee ride. Now I've learned my lesson--always negotiate the price before getting in.

One other thing to appreciate about India at this point. My plane landed at 8:15pm, and it was probably 9:30 by the time I got to Christina's. I was drenched in sweat. Drenched. This was a bad sign for noontime tomorrow.

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